Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution

Leading Expert Witness with a proven track record of providing detailed technical knowledge to allow independent, objective and unbiased evidence

Our Comprehensive Expert Witness & Dispute Resolution Services include: 

  • Compulsory Purchase

  • Land Owner/ Tenant Disputes

  • Right of Way Issues

  • Valuation Disputes

  • Family Disputes

  • Matrimonial Disputes

  • Insurance Claims

Happy Farmer

We specialise in Expert Witness for disputes regularly in courts and also have extensive experience with cases involving other types of dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation. 


We are experts in this complex area of work and all of our team members have completed specialised training in expert witness and courtroom skills.   

We recognise the fundamental importance of informed, impartial advice and understand the legal requirements surrounding the provision of services to this specialism.

Our team are trained to be analytical and forward thinking. Our excellent communication skills allow us to effectively demonstrate evidence and opinions accurately and factually. We can help you liaise with legal advisors and other external consultants so that you are provided with the required professional support.