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About Us

Philip Farrelly & Co is an agricultural consultancy specialising in agronomy assessments, impact assessments, expert witness, dispute resolution, and compulsory purchase orders. We provide expert advice and provide cost-effective solutions to both the agricultural and non-agricultural businesses

About Us

Established in 1977, Philip Farrelly & Co is a leading Agri-Environmental consultancy dedicated to enhancing the sustainability and success of family farms across Ireland. Our high-quality professional services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring farm viability while protecting wildlife, preserving habitats, and conserving nature.

We proudly work on behalf of farm families and public bodies engaged in projects affecting family farms. Our expertise spans a wide range of agricultural and environmental consultancy services, including water quality management, soil health improvement, and habitat protection. We specialise in supporting all farming enterprises, including dairy, beef, sheep, pigs, poultry, and equine operations.

At Philip Farrelly & Co, we understand the balance between agricultural productivity and ecological stewardship. Our dedicated team leverages extensive nationwide experience to implement sustainable practices that optimise farm performance and safeguard natural resources for future generations.

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Mission Statement

At Philip Farrelly & Co, our mission is to deliver excellent and sustainable outcomes for our clients. Our dedicated team collaborates to provide comprehensive, multi-disciplinary solutions within the agri-environmental sector. We are committed to ensuring the success of every project through our expertise and integrated approach.

We pioneer innovative solutions at the crossroads of agriculture, ecology, and climate change, aiming to foster sustainability and enhance the viability of Irish farm families and agribusinesses. With a steadfast commitment to water quality, soil health, and rural development, we empower our clients with robust, tailored solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Guided by collaborative approaches and supported by our dynamic team, we navigate the complexities of agricultural advisory and rural policy to achieve successful outcomes for both public sector clients and private stakeholders. Our unwavering dedication to client satisfaction drives us to lead the way in shaping a more prosperous and sustainable future for farming communities. This commitment is further highlighted by our extensive portfolio of successful projects.

Meet The Team



Philip Farrelly founded PFC and has over 35 years providing consultancy services for public and private companies. Philip also founded other successful companies including Farrelly & Scully Chartered Accountants and Registered Auditors and Farrelly & Mitchell Business Consultants Limited. Philio acts as non-executive Chairman to these Companies.



Philip B is a Director with PFC and has been involved for over 15 years. Philip has a background in International Commerce, Financial Advice and Accounting.

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Practice Manager/Senior Agronomist

Aoife Smith has been an integral part of Philip Farrelly & Co since 2017, serving as our Practice Manager and Senior Agronomist. She expertly manages the PFC team, our extensive portfolio of clients, and their diverse projects. With a strong agricultural background, Aoife holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agri-Environmental Science and a Diploma in Project Management from University College Dublin (UCD). Her areas of expertise include providing technical information for farming enterprises, particularly in the dairy sector, conducting environmental impact assessments, and staying up to date with agricultural policies and regulations. Aoife is also deeply involved in agri-environmental works.

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Senior Ecologist

John Gallogly is the Lead Ecologist at Philip Farrelly & Co, bringing extensive expertise to our team. John holds a Master of Science in Ecological Management and Conservation Biology, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology, both from Queen’s University Belfast. John specialises in ecological conservation. His work focuses on preserving and restoring habitats, protecting endangered species, and enhancing biodiversity. John's expertise ensures that our projects are always designed to deliver the maximum environmental benefit.


Senior Agronomist

Declan Phelan is the Lead Senior Agronomist at Philip Farrelly & Co, holding a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from University College Dublin (UCD). Declan is renowned for his expertise in National Greenway Projects, acting as an Independent and Project Agronomist on behalf of landowners and project promoters across the Republic of Ireland. Declan's areas of interest include managing landowner and client relations, assessing the impact of linear infrastructure projects on farm viability, and providing technical advice on agricultural rules, regulations, and available Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine scheme funding. His deep knowledge and experience ensure that clients receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout their projects.


GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist

Jon Hetherington is our GIS and Remote Sensing Specialist at Philip Farrelly & Co, bringing over 15 years of expertise from the GIS field. Jon holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in GIS, and a Master's in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Ulster. Renowned for his exceptional analytical skills and intelligent problem-solving acumen, Jon excels in applying GIS technology to complex challenges. His insights drive the delivery of innovative, end-to-end solutions across our agri-environmental projects. Jon's work is pivotal in steering our team toward cutting-edge solutions and empowering clients through advanced GIS applications.


Agri-environmental Consultant

Margaret Mulvihill, our esteemed Agri-environmental Consultant and holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Plant Biology and a Master of Science in Co-operatives, Agri-food, and Sustainable Development from University College Cork. Margaret's passion lies at the crossroads of agriculture, rural development, and social impact. Margarets areas of interest include providing valuable insights into the complicated balance between Ireland's agricultural practices and environmental goals within the context of sustainable rural development.


Ecological Consultant

Tony Watson is our Ecological Consultant with a Bachelor of Science Wildlife Biology and Ecology from Munster Technical University, Kerry. Tony’s expertise centres around biodiversity, with a keen focus on assessing biodiversity on farms and utilising GIS systems for habitat mapping, and restoration design to optimise biodiversity. Other skills include conducting upland bird surveys and actively contributing to the development and implementation of mapping software tailored for these purposes. Tony is interested in designing site specific plans for nature and wildlife preservation and restoration in accordance with environmental regulations.

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