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Compulsory Purchase

Our highly skilled Compulsory Purchase & Compensation Experts will endeavour to minimise or curtail the impacts of an Infrastructure scheme to your home, business or property

Our Comprehensive Compulsory Purchase & Compensation Services include: 

  • Road schemes

  • Water and Waste Water Pipelines

  • Flood mitigation works

  • Utility projects, including gas pipelines and electricity line schemes

Working on behalf of the claimant and acquiring authority

A Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) is a legal function which allows certain bodies (such as Local Authorities, Housing Associations and Development Corporations also known as Acquiring Authorities) to obtain land or property without the consent of the owners.

Early professional advice is essential where powers of compulsion may be exercised. In some cases, it is possible to influence the design of the proposed Infrastructural project. 

We are experienced negotiators ready to work on your behalf to provide you with advice on the accommodation works necessary to help minimise the impact to your property once the works have been completed.

As Compulsory Purchase Order specialists we will guide you through this process. We act for both Infrastructure scheme promoters and property owners. This gives us a unique advantage arming us with the knowledge of how the process works from the perspective of the claimant and the acquiring authority.

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